Train for the Park at Woodward at Copper

snowboarder taking air

If you’ve ever wished you could pull off some of the rad moves you’ve seen in the half pipe, or safely land the big air that looks so impressive in the terrain park, joining a program at Woodward at Copper might just be your answer. Woodward at Copper is an impressive training facility which offers instruction to skiers and snowboarders who wish to improve their technique in the terrain park or the pipe in relatively safe surroundings with artificial jumps, trampolines, and plenty of foam to soften the landings!
Because the Barn is an indoor facility, their ski and snowboard programs are offered year round ranging from 1hr 45min drop in sessions, to full day and multi day programs. During the winter, the full day program gives participants the opportunity to take what they’ve learned indoors into the terrain park and pipes on the mountain, and private lessons are also available.
As someone who has witnessed several accidents in various terrain parks, often caused by courage far exceeding ability, I am very impressed with what Woodward at Copper have set out to do and it’s certainly an excellent selling point for Copper Mountain as a whole.


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